Dripping in Gold For NYE

Happy New Years Eve beautifuls! Today I’m going to get personal because what better time. I’m gonna start with the good and go into some of the struggles that I’ve encountered this year.

At this time last year I was in the BVI’s with my boyfriend Victor! We will be together 2 years on the 30th and have grown so much as a couple this year. I also managed to make straight A’s this semester while making new friends, balancing a social life and my blog! Because of you amazing people, I have grown my instagram from around 1,000 to 10,400. I also got to study abroad with Victor and a group of amazing classmates in different majors and had my first internship with LINJA shoes. Victor and I got to travel to Paris, Zurich, Malaga and other cool cities in Europe!

On a sadder note, the beginning of the year wasn’t the best for me. I moved out of my sorority before winter break leading up to 2017. I don’t feel the need to go into detail but it was 100% for the best and I am so happier now to be out of it. Long story short I was dealing with anxiety and depression at the time and my grades and social life suffered because of it. I was also very anxious about myfuture and what would happen after college which put stress on my relationship and myself. During my study abroad trip in Amsterdam, my bunny passed away and my dad had a stroke. He was treated right away and is doing great now but needless to say I was a mess for a while.

In conclusion, This year was full of highs and lows but I have learned a lot from each experience. I am ready to take 2018 head on and see what the next chapter of my life has in store.

xx pleatsandprosecco


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